Dustin's Documentary Pitch - Maui Surfer Girls
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Dustin’s Documentary Pitch

For the past month, Maui Surfer Girls have been corresponding with a production company in NYC.  It’s very premature to say quite yet, but MSG is a step closer towards a mini documentary on network TV.  They’ve asked us to provide interviews and footage about our camps.  And as the MSG alumni know, we’ve got volumes of camp videos that speak VOLUMES about what makes Maui Surfer Girls the best surf camp on the planet!  Why wouldn’t a documentary be done on MSG?  Surfer girls from around the globe gathering each summer at our quaint oceanfront A-frame cabins, surrounded by amazing water women and inspiring girls, the majestic West Maui Mountains, groves of mango and coconut trees, and the inviting warm waves of Maui.  Not to mention, the MSG antics & traditions that make us so unique as an o’hana of empowered girls and women.  Each summer, I’m convinced that there’s is no other place like it in the world.  But is the world ready for the Maui Surfer Girls?  And are we ready to expose our little slice o’ paradise?

Thanks to Jace Panebianco, director of The Windsurfing Movie, we were able put together a quick interview.  Here’s what we sent them:

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