Costa Rica Catamaran Surf Trip 2009 - Maui Surfer Girls

Costa Rica Catamaran Surf Trip 2009

What can I say — 5 years of Costa Rica trips & MSG scores perfect uncrowded waves each spring break.  I pinch myself every year & ask the crew:  “Do you guys ever get skunked (aka no waves) with other groups?”  Our Captain Tony scratched his head and said, “Yah, last week our group got one good day out of the week.”  This is hard for me to believe because every single year MSG has scored amazing shoulder to head high waves EVERY day of the trip.  And for the first time ever, I witnessed the glory of Pavones – the worlds longest left.  No joke, that wave worked some magic this year with a barreling 500 yard wave.  Unfortunately our girls got skunked by 50+ other surfers scratching to get a piece of that world-class wave.  Crowds – a rare occurrence on our consistently crowd-less surf trip.

Quick highlights of our trip:

*Marge caught our one and only fish – a yummy Mackerel that our crew threw on the hibachi grill.  *Dustin swam with her first dolphin at Playa Domincal beach break (a whompin’ overhead barrelin’ wave that the girls all CHARGED after!)
*Nightly debrief topics & journallin’ exercises half awake.
*Back flips & diving competitions with the crew off the stern.
*Sunset photo shoot with Hesper.
*Epic Full moon surf sesh in the jungle at Drakes Bay.
*Angie’s epic rash.
*Painting the crews toe nails.
*Eating incredible Costa Rican meals – our crew are culinary geniuses!
*Many hours of napping, eating, and surfin’ our brains out!  Our waterproof camera broke on the first day of the trip, so I apologize for the lack of surf shots…especially bummed we didn’t get any photos of Mato Palo and Pavones on the last day!  I got my first in and out barrel ride of 2009 & no one caught it on film — Coach Sharky would’ve been proud of me!  (And Nicole you were sooo missed this year!)


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