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Cher Show in Vegas

I had the honor to see the Cher show last night in Vegas and meet her backstage. MSG alum parent and friend, Maddy Schriger’s mom, Joan accompanied me to the show on a moments notice. I just was given comped tickets a week earlier after my second SUP class with Cher.

The show was phenomenal! I highly recommend it if you ever get a chance to see her perform in Vegas! It’s the perfect blend of music, dancing, and multi-media showcasing Cher’s 40+ years as a singer and actress. Cher hasnt lost a beat all these years and delivered a high energy, creative show. Her wigs and costumes were off the hook too.

Cher was gracious enough to give us backstage passes afterwards & spent about 10 minutes backstage with us right after the show. I asked her if she was sore for her lesson, and she said surprisingly not too bad until two days later. After all she paddled an hour down the coast, and is still in phenomenal shape!

As a thank you gift, I gave her our 10 year anniversary photo album. And kicked myself for not ordering a lei for her.

That was a night I will never forget!

Cher Show in Vegas | Cher Vegas

Cher Show in Vegas

Cher Show in Vegas

Cher Show in Vegas

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