Celebrating 9 Years of Maui Surfer Girls - Maui Surfer Girls
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Celebrating 9 Years of Maui Surfer Girls

Circles.  Ceremony. Cohesiveness.  Maui Surfer Girls have been creating a circular unit, or what we like to call “o’hana” each summer for the past nine years.  The circle of sisterhood and support grows stronger each year.  We are six weeks away from our opening circle, our ocean ceremony pictured below.  Half of the girls in this photo have never sat on a surfboard.  They wobble side to side, nervous in their newly bought bikini’s, hoping that they don’t flip off their boards.  They grab ahold of a girls hand next to them that is just as wobbly and nervous about this new experience and meeting these new faces at camp.  They realize that we are all in this surf camp community together for the next week or two.  Holding hands in this circle on opening day, symbolizes holding the space for many things to occur at camp:  support, giddy fun, individual expression, transformation, empowerment, lasting friendships, and memories for a lifetime.

For those of you that have not registered for this years camp — 3 words for you: GET ON IT!  We have limited space available, so jump into this circle and have the summer experience of your life!

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Opening ceremony '08 ohana Opening ceremony ocean bliss

Ocean Bliss & Our 2008 MSG O’hana!

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