Carissa Moore ASP World Champion - Maui Surfer Girls

Carissa Moore ASP World Champion

Congrats Carissa Moore for winning the 2011 ASP world tour!  Nike's 6.0 website quotes, "Not to mention, she’s also the first American woman to win the title since 1997 and the first Hawaiian woman to bring the title back to the islands since 1981. Yes, it’s safe to say history was made today in France."  


Quite simply, Carissa is the future of women's professional surfing.  To watch her surf mastery…check out the video in this article about her clinching the 2011 world title.  Incredible surfing!  Thanks for being a great role model to our surfer girls — we'd love you to be a guest pro surfer at our surf camps next summer.  And right on for representing Hawaii!




I have a feeling this is the first of many world titles that Carissa Moore will be stock piling during her professional surfing career…look out Kelly Slater, this is your female match!


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