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Camp Memories

Camp Memories:

Staffers share memories from their first surf camp!

Summer is almost here! As many teens (and a dozen adults!) are preparing for their first surf camp experience, our staffers reminisce about their ‘First Camp’ memories!


My first year at camp was 3 years ago (this will be my 4th camp), and I was a van driver/staff.  What really stood out in my mind for me was how empowering it was to be around a big group of amazing women and girls. A lot of the negative aspects of life were stripped away. There was no competitiveness, primping, or flaunting. There was no need to prove ourselves first, as we sometimes find ourselves automatically doing in the reality of being women in this world. Everyone is accepted for who you are, underneath the makeup and fashionable clothes. You can walk around all day in your swimsuit, or your pajamas, and still be looked at just as brilliantly and non judge-mentally as you would if you were in your Sunday best.  I think it is in those moments that people start to discover who they really are inside.  When you no longer need to prove anything to the world, you can start proving yourself to the only person that matters… Yourself.  That’s where the magic begins.

Lauren and friends… crazy campers!


I was 13 when I came to camp as a camper! Which was 5 years ago! I went for 2 weeks my first time and one time my good friend Lauren Baston and another girl Elizabeth and I got a bucket of water and sat on a little curb in the center of camp and shaved our legs. I can’t remember why we didn’t go in the bathroom to do it, but it was funny.


My very first memory of camp was getting picked up from the airport with my friend that I attended with my first year.  I don’t actually remember the getting picked up part but I do vividly remember driving along the pali and thinking woah, we are here!  I had been to Hawaii before when I was eight, but it was still pretty exciting to have come all the way from NY to Maui with one of my best friends at the age of 14 Generic amoxicillin. The part I remember to this day is driving through the tunnel and however was driving honked the horn loud and proud.  To this day 16 years later I always honk my horn while driving through the tunnel.


blogger Liz Smith getting ready to catch some waves

My first night at camp I was so excited I could hardly sleep, despite the super comfortable queen sized air mattress and the gentle lapping of the waves, just steps from my cabin! I was going to be away from my two young kids for a whole week for the first time ever, as part of last summer’s first ever women’s camp- six whole days of just taking care of myself! By day 3, I was so relaxed that I fell asleep during my ocean-side massage (yes! the women’s camp has a few perks!) Each morning we went surfing (and surfing with a group of women is just such a different feeling from surfing with men or in a mixed group) and each afternoon we had a choice of activities, from hiking, snorkeling, stand-up paddling or just relaxing. By the end of the week I was recharged for life back with the family, and I couldn’t wait to come back for the next camp. In fact, I was so inspired by the whole experience that I now work for Maui Surfer Girls, handling the blogging and social media!

The first women’s surf camp at Camp Olowalu


What’s your favorite camp memory? Share in the comment section below! 


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