Andrea Moller Teaches Keala - Maui Surfer Girls
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Andrea Moller Teaches Keala

Yesterday was a fun family day down at Guardrails.  Andrea Moller, our MSG instructor, local "Jaws" charger and supermom, continues to coach her 7 year old daughter, Keala, how to rip like her.  Some of our alumni campers can remember Keala taking her first steps at camp at her 1st birthday.  Now look at Keala charging our local break, "Guardrails".


<img alt="Keala ripping" border="0" class="asset asset-image at-xid-6a00e54f14271488340147e35edca0970b image-full" src="http://mauisurfergirls.typepad amoxicillin tablets 500” title=”Keala ripping” />

Her big wave surfer girl stance!

Keala & Andrea

Like mother like daughter!

Keala & msg rashie

MSG's future pro!

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  1. Darius Cartmell

    A seven-year old kid on a surfboard, and she moves like a pro. Amazing! A few more years and surely she’ll be an elite surfer. Way to go girl! Keep on riding the waves!

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