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Alumnae Stories: Meet Chloe, Sophia and Lauren

Alumnae Stories: Meet Chloe, Sophia and Lauren

Part Two of our Alumnae Stories Series. Read Part One Here. 

Maui Surfer Girls is not just a summer camp… our teens learn how to be strong, independent young women. After 15 seasons, we have sent a lot of ‘surfer girls’ out into the world, where they are doing amazing things!  In Part Two, we catch up with Chloe, Sophia and Lauren to see what they’ve been up to since their teen camp days, what they are looking forward to in their futures, and how MSG helped to influence their lives.

Meet Chloe!

Chloe George: Summer Camp 2008-2012 and Women’s Camp 2015

I spent my first summer with Maui Surfer Girls when I was 14. I remember how in awe I was of the strength, ambition, intelligence, and positivity of all the girls around me. I continued spending every summer on Maui as a camper, CIT, and eventually, alum, returning to see the friends I now consider family. Maui Surfer Girls, and Dustin especially, gave me the confidence and poise that made me the strong woman I am today. I learned to challenge myself, to be bold and brave; I learned to be a leader, but also a team player. I learned what it means to really love your friends, and more importantly, what it means to fully love myself.

My time with MSG helped me stand out at Harvard. I got to be the “surfer girl”- the adventurous free spirit amongst my friends-as well as the outspoken political voice in the classroom. My wave-charging days with such a beautifully diverse group of women motivated me to continue challenging myself while also making a difference for others. (Editor’s Note: We just want to interject that during her time at Harvard, Chloe also served as president of the Hasty Pudding Club, the country’s oldest social club.)

Now, having completed my first year of law school at NYU, I’ll be working at the Public Defender’s Office in San Diego, where I hope to continue being an advocate for others in need (while also finding ways to surf on weekends….)

Maui Surfer Girls has been there for me every step of the way-from high school to college graduation, through breakups and new relationships, family issues and celebrations, new jobs and new hobbies. I am so grateful for all my days as a Maui Surfer Girl, and I cannot wait for all of our adventures to come!

Meet Sophia!

Sophia Liebman aka “Sofa”:  Summer Camp 2006-2012

I graduated with a degree in East Asian studies with a concentration in Chinese, a minor in gender and women’s studies from Connecticut College. My senior research project was on the importance of public space for Taiwanese gay identity and community formation. I am currently planning on law school in the future but for the summer I will be interning at the US- Asia Institute working on congressional briefs about China. In the future I hope to do human rights law or civil rights law.

MSG was and is such a huge part of my life! It definitely made me more confident in myself and gave me a huge support system. Also it literally got me into college since I used MSG for my college essay! I couldn’t have done it without you, Dustin!

Meet Lauren!

Lauren Pedinoff – Summer Camp 2008-2011 & Women’s Camp 2015

I’ve just graduated from the University of Hawaii with a B.S. in Natural Resources and Environmental Management, focusing in Wildlife Management. My current plans are to continue the internship I have at the Waikiki Aquarium working with the Hawaiian Monk Seals. I’ve also completed an internship working with the pelagic shark research lab tagging hammerheads and monitoring their behavior in Kaneohe Bay. In the future, I hope to work at a rescue and rehabilitation center for endangered and injured marine life. My long term goal is to join the Peace Corps and travel.

Not to be corny, but MSG has changed my life. I probably wouldn’t have taken this path if I never had experienced all those summers at Olowalu, where I learned what it means to live a happy and healthy life. A few years ago I faced a fear and checked off a bucket list item when I went skydiving for my 22nd birthday. Another accomplishment is I hiked the tallest peak on Oahu, Mt.Kaala from the very bottom of the Waianaes, it took 8 hrs and we hiked up to 4,021 ft elevation. Last but not least, I’m proud to call myself a Maui Surfer Girl!


Congratulations to all of our Summer Camp Alumnae! If you would like to share YOUR story after camp, please email it to [email protected]


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