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2015 Camp Photos

Surf Camp Photos!  How does one not get “camp sick” after receiving hundreds of amazing photos from our 2015 surf camp? Our photographers Lauren Stirpe and Alyssa Retzna truly captured the aloha spirit of our camp: girl power amplified by Maui’s waves, our professional waterwoman staff, and the comraderie of diverse teenage girls gathered at our picturesque oceanfront cabins in Olowalu. For fifteen years, I’ve been humbled by this empowering alchemy at camp each July. I’ve witnessed the shiest girl at camp transform into the silliest costume-wearing girl at talent show. I’ve witnessed a camper who couldn’t paddle her surfboard on day one of surf camp to paddling into powerful Northshore waves after two summers at MSG. I’ve witnessed two of my fourteen year old campers bloom into two of my most important staff members for the past five summers. I’m humbled beyond words! I’m amazed at the quality of staff and girls who bring out the best in each other as we live together in community. What more can I say: MSG ROCKS!
These images are worth a thousand words of surf bliss, so sit back and enjoy our slideshow highlighting our memories and friendships of 2015! Thank you Lauren and Alyssa for capturing so many great images and the endless hours of editing!

<img src="https://farm1.staticflickr.com/639/21931465401_232e45fca3_z look at here.jpg” alt=”2015″ width=”640″ height=”336″ />


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