2013 Camp Highlights: Part 1 - Maui Surfer Girls
Surf Camp

2013 Camp Highlights: Part 1

Session 1 was a HUGE success, but we miss our session 1
campers so much! Now, the fun continues with our session 2 campers. Adventures
are being had and memories made. Here are a few of our favorites!


Opening circle and
speed dating.
For the 13th year, the Maui Surfer Girls paddled
out from Olowalu beach, formed a circle in the water on their boards, and
officially started their camp sessions. Talk about an original way to kick
things off! Our first session girls also had fun getting to know each other
through an icebreaker known as “speed dating.” In this activity, each girl met
and talked with a different girl for a little bit less than a minute. It was
not enough time to really get to know each other, but enough time to break the
ice and move past any awkwardness due to being strangers.

Flying high.
Every day, our campers go on afternoon activities after their morning surf
patrols. Sometimes, these activities are a mystery with a title that provides a
clue to what it is, but doesn’t give it away. One of these mystery activities
was called “Flying High.” Girls speculated about what they would be doing, with
guesses ranging from zip lines to bungee jumping. They were all surprised when
the vans drove up to Emerald City Trapeze and Arts; they were going to fly high
on a trapeze! Decked out in crazy costumes from camp, the girls learned how to
fly through the air with the help of the experienced trapeze artists.

Giant sleepovers
under the stars.
The girls take their mattresses and bedding out of their
cabins and arrange them together on the lawn. What’s better than falling asleep
to the sound of waves softly crashing against Olowalu beach and waking up with
the Maui sun?

Staff skits.  Our staff members aren’t afraid to “break
a leg” when they get a chance to get in the spotlight. Decked out in crazy
costumes and wigs, they came together and demonstrated the dos and don’ts of
camp. No need to make learning camp rules boring!

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